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Urban Water Security (Wiley)

Achieving urban water security

Achieving urban water security

Urban Water Security will be of particular interest to town and regional planners, water conservation managers and policymakers, international companies and organisations with large water footprints, environmental and water NGOs, researchers, graduate and undergraduate students.


Corporate water risk management: A guide to ensuring water security for all
In 2015, the World Economic Forum’s annual Global Risks report ranked the water supply crises as the number one global risk to businesses over the next ten years. With demand for water projected to outstrip supply by 40 percent in 2030 as a result of numerous mega-trends, including climate change, rapid economic and population growth and increased demand for energy and food, the number one risk to businesses will be their inability to access, sustainably, good quality water of sufficient quantity necessary for the creation of economic goods and services. Companies will not only be subjected to corporate water risks in their direct operations but also through their supply chains. This guide illustrates how companies, across diverse sectors, have implemented corporate water risk management strategies to mitigate these risks. A series of take-out lessons are provided which can be incorporated into a five-step corporate water risk management strategy to ensure water security for all

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