Robert C. Brears is the author of Urban Water Security (Wiley). He is the founder of Mitidaption, Mark and Focus, is Director on the International Board of the Indo Global Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture, and a Visiting Fellow (non-resident) at the Center for Conflict Studies at MIIS, Monterey, USA. He has published widely on water security, water resources management, and related issues, and has conducted field research around the world, including Antarctica.

Tara Rava Zolnikov, PhD, MS, MS,  has two environmental health MS degrees (one in Industrial Hygiene from Montana Tech and one in Epidemiology, Exposures, and Risk from Harvard School of Public Health), was a former research fellow in Environmental Health at the Harvard School of Public Health. She has a PhD in Developmental Science at North Dakota State University. She is also an adjunct professor and teaches undergraduate and graduate classes on Public Health and the Environment. Her PhD focused on understanding the iatrogenic social effects that occur from implemented water interventions in the developing world.  She also designs large-scale public health interventions in Kenya for the Kenya Red Cross; she primarily focuses on water, including access, quality, and contamination or exposures, and waterborne diseases. Her nonprofit, The Shepard’s Village, is currently working with the Maasai community in Narok, Kenya to provide access to clean water.

Liz Kim, currently teaches sustainability and is the co-owner of Genesis Clock Farm. We teach aquaponics and learn new and different ways to grow food and provide food security through natural sources. We also provide classes for vermiculture and different planting practices. We raise chickens that get to run around all day and eat the weeds and bugs. Have fun and play all day. Provide us with great eggs. We’ve been doing this for years without even thinking about it as work. It was fun and interesting to learn so many different things nature has to show us if we only observe. Our goal is to provide food security to all people. Take the stress of showing how to grow food so we can save a little stress in the lives of the people we touch, one person at a time and providing them with a sense of re-introducing them to our earth.

Ben DeMuth, I am a principled centered young international development professional starting a career that matches my passion and purpose for solving complex issues that threaten our finite planet. I have a continuous improvement mindset working to pay it forward to our future generations. My background is in entrepreneurship, global supply chain management, sales, and international development. My favorite skills are being creative, pioneering new programs, working effectively with people across generations and cultures, learning languages, planning, following through to get work done, and using new information to develop deep insights to existing problems. I am interested in working in sub-Saharan Africa and the developing world implementing development strategies in business and agriculture. The best means to contact me is email:

Lisa Andrews, As a recent graduate, I am determined to use my skills and expertise to make this world a better place for future generations. I am an energetic and outgoing person and I always wear a smile. I excel while working in teams and have strong leadership skills. Trained in the field of environmental management with technical and social backgrounds, I am interested in projects related to water resources, urban resilience and participatory management.

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