Dubai becoming a smarter sustainable city

Dubai is the first city to trial the efficiency and sustainability of its operations using key performance indicators developed by the ITU-F Focus Group on Smart Sustainable Cities. This two-year pilot project will evaluate the feasibility of the indicators with the aim of contributing towards their international standardization.

Dubai is already on its way to becoming a smart and sustainable city with the launch of its Dubai Plan 2021, a vision to propel Dubai to be among the world’s greatest cities and to reinforce its position as a pivotal hub in the global economy as well as the preferred place to live and work for both people and visitors.

The plan addresses both urban environment including both natural and built assets and looks at the living experience of the people of Dubai and its visitors as a result of their interaction with the environment and the economic and social services provided. The plan is divided into six themes:
• The people: A city of happy, creative and empowered people
• The society: An inclusive and cohesive society
• The experience: The preferred place to live, work and visit
• The place: A smart and sustainable city
• The economy: A pivotal hub in the global economy
• The government: A pioneering and excellent government

Dubai becoming a smarter city

Dubai becoming a smarter city

Dubai Plan 2021: A smarter sustainable city
The theme of a smart and sustainable city focuses on building a fully connected and integrated infrastructure that ensures easy mobility for all residents and tourists, and provides easy access to all economic centers and social services. The theme addresses the importance of sustainability in managing Dubai’s future growth by ensuring the availability of clean energy sources and protecting natural resources including soil, water and air and promoting sustainable consumption. The aims of the theme include:

  • A smart, integrated and connected city: Infrastructure is efficient and accessible, allowing for future growth of Dubai
  • Sustainable with its resources: Dubai uses its resources sustainably over the long-term and in line with international best practices in terms of consumption, efficiency and management, and in dependence on renewable energy sources
  • Environmental elements are clean, healthy and sustainable: Dubai enjoys a clean and healthy environment in all its elements and ensures its sustainability in the long-term and in line with the world’s best practices
  • A safe and resilient built environment: Safety standards across the built environment and crisis/disaster response capabilities match international best practices

The take-out
A smart city is one that is interconnected via technology, a smarter city is one that is interconnected and uses its natural resources efficiently.

*Robert C. Brears is the author of Urban Water Security (Wiley). Urban Water Security argues that, with climate change and rapid urbanization, cities need to transition from supply-side to demand-side management to achieve urban water security.

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Author: Robert C. Brears

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