Rotterdam’s clean energy goals

Rotterdam has launched its ‘Rotterdam Programme on Sustainability and Climate change’ that will guide the city’s attempts to accelerate and upscale activities that will make the city healthier and more future-proof by 2030.

The program lays out a strategy for the city to:

  • Create a more greener, healthier and resilient environment by reducing emissions from transportation; creating more greener spaces; strengthening the city’s flood resilience; and adopting sustainability goals for every spatial development
  • Invest in cleaner energy at lower costs which will result in energy savings for residents and small-to-medium businesses; using heat from industry for district-heating initiatives; and increasing wind and solar power generation
  • Build a strong and innovative economy by promoting clean technology opportunities; developing large-scale infrastructure to recover heat and waste; developing a bio-based economy that creates biofuels; and using cleaner transportation fuels
Rotterdam's clean energy future

Rotterdam’s clean energy future

Rotterdam’s clean energy goals

To increase wind power generation Rotterdam will aim to create 350 MW of wind power within the municipal boundaries by 2025, of which 300 MW will be generated in the port area, with 350 MW will be enough power for 200,000 households per annum. Regarding solar power, current estimates show the city has the potential to generate approximately 1,500 GWh of solar energy. To tap into this, Rotterdam will encourage, facilitate and support residents to achieve the goal of covering 4,500 homes with solar panels by 2018. In addition, the city will be negotiating agreements with Housing Associations to achieve the goal of covering at least 1,500 homes with solar panels. The overall goal is that by 2030, Rotterdam will generate 1,000 GWh of solar-power, reducing energy costs and carbon emissions.

The take-out

A clear vision along with concise actions that encourage, facilitate and support sustainability initiatives is key to achieving a healthy and future-proof city.

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Author: Robert C. Brears

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