What is sustainability to me

I’ve been giving great thought to the question what is sustainability? What I would write about specifically. The common thing I feel is how we as the human species will survive in the future.

This is an extremely broad issue.

Sustainability means different things to different people

Sustainability means different things to different people

I believe we are our own worst enemies but we are beautiful too. The ultimate question of sustainability is really about the survival of the human species…isn’t it? I would write, without realizing we need cooperation, we will not survive. Without empathy we will not survive. We kind of have to rise above our differences and celebrate them…prove every person has a story and we are all connected…we have to care and cooperate in order for us to survive. This is sustainability.

The earth was around quite a long time…yes we seem to be messing it up but the earth will survive even after we are gone. So the whole point of becoming sustainable really equals the survival of humans. We are becoming much more aware which is wonderful. However, until we cooperate to clean up what we have destroyed, using renewable resources and sharing what we have by having empathy, I fear it will not happen until we realize this. Providing self-reliance by being more sustainable AND helping your neighbor, your block, neighborhood, city, state, country and globally by any means necessary in order for our survival. This type of social change would be the most promising way to the survival of humans.

While we sit and argue about how we are going to fix global issues only separates us and stops the cooperation. This will not get us far. Our time is running out to save luxuries we take for granted today such as water, good soil, food, etc. Provide some security to have less greed and more of a sense of belonging, will allow that social change.

Just my thoughts…after just speaking, researching, watching and living with people and life.

*Liz Kim – Genesis Clock Farm | Sustainable Living, Education and Aquaponics

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Author: Liz Kim

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